Upcoming events

EACYPAA Host puts on events throughout the year to get hyped for the conference, connect with the community, and show the sober fun you can expect at EACYPAA XX!


September 8 - 10

Long Island’s annual campout is back and better than ever! Come spend the weekend camping and connecting with your fellows! Both weekend and day passes are available. Weekend passes include 6 meals throughout the weekend as well as 3 days and 2 nights at the campsite. Day passes offer both access to the campsite and meals for the day. REGISTER NOW:

A Gourd of your Understanding

Pumpkin Painting Event

Saturday, October 14th

Join EACYPAA XX for a night of spooky fun!

Safety in numbers

Virtual safety Panel

Sunday, October 22nd

EACYPAA XX is proud to present a virtual Safety Panel so that no matter where in the world you are, you can attend and maybe learn some new ways to keep yourself and your fellows safe in AA and especially YPAA.
3 Speaker Panel
Followed by a Halloween Movie!